Homemade Earring Holder

This easy homemade gift can be created using extra things you may already own. A table runner, scarf or extra window sheer can be draped over a hanger to create an earring holder.

This photo is of an earring holder I made using this video tutorial from YouTube:


I made two of these recently. The first was for my teenage daughter. For hers I used a black & white damask table runner (to match her bedroom) and a felt covered hanger. The second one, shown in my photos, I made for myself and I used a sheer black and white polka dotted scarf on a felt covered hanger. Both sizes, table runner and scarf, were perfect for this project. I think that machine sewing one straight line under the hanger would be ideal, to really make sure the cloth can never slip off.  The no-sew method is to use a felt hanger because the felt on the hanger really grips onto the fabric and holds it on the hanger. Because you can hang earrings on both sides of the cloth you really can store a lot of earrings on this earring holder.

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